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Moving Homes: How to Protect Fragile Items

Do you have any plans to relocate this year? If that’s the case, make sure your items are packed as safely as possible. Whether it’s heavy appliances or Grandma’s china set, these packing tips and tricks will ensure that all of your valuables arrive safely at your new home.


Objects are easily damaged during transportation. When large furniture pieces, computers, and small but essential items are transported in a large vehicle, the risk of damage for anything that is not properly covered increases dramatically. That’s why it’s critical to pack and store everything as efficiently as possible before moving day. it is always recommended to hire a professional moving company in Dubai. Here’s what you’ll require to keep everything safe:

Boxes of cardboard

The most important item you’ll need to buy for your move is boxes. For your specific application, select the appropriate sizes and resilience. You’ll want to get the cardboard box that will best protect your valuables, whether you’re moving across the country or just down the street.

Using Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an excellent choice for scratching and damaging valuables, antiques, and home decor. Place it between objects within your chosen box to improve safety. Because bubble wrap can be moulded around arcs and corners, it is particularly effective for products with irregular shapes.


Tape is an important part of any moving day because it offers security at a low cost. To ensure that heavier boxes stay in place during transit, double-seal the bottoms of the boxes. Tapes can also be used to secure fragile items in packaging.


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, labels will make your life easier. Before taping each box shut, make a note of the type of object contained inside. Whether you’re unpacking by yourself or with a team, it’s critical that everyone knows what’s in each package to keep everything safe and secure.

Blankets that Move

Moving blankets are ideal for protecting heavier items in the truck. Try putting them over and around furniture or heavier electronics to prevent them from colliding. You can also squeeze them between objects, especially fragile ones, to keep them from contacting.


Some objects are more delicate than others. Take notice of anything that is extremely vulnerable to damage and mark it with labels or tape that reads “fragile” on it. These may have sentimental or pecuniary value that you would never give up. Here are a few regular household items that you should take extra care of:

Picture Frames

Most medium or small-sized picture frames can be wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in a secure container. Stack them vertically to maximise carrying space.

Wrap larger paintings or glass in moving blankets and bubble wrap. If possible, transport these things separately to avoid unintentional harm.


Items that are decorative, such as your family’s Christmas ornaments or exquisite glass vases, should be packed separately. You can add a plastic wrap or other fillers to keep them secure, just like you would with frames. Alternatively, use sheets of cardboard to keep them apart.

Overall, the manner of packaging you select is heavily influenced by the sort of thing, its size, and its dimensions.

Take Your Time

It’s natural to desire to rush through packing your belongings. When packing delicate objects, however, it is extremely vital to take your time and be mindful of what you’re doing. Decelerating will keep you from cutting costs or making costly blunders on moving day.

Pack the Heaviest Items on the Bottom

Layer all of the goods from smallest to largest to ensure that the box’s base is well though and tiny objects are not destroyed.

Dishes & Glassware

Individually wrap crockery with packing sheets or wrappings. Before you stuff anything inside, remember to put a layer of packaging paper or some form of padding at the bottom of a box. A useful tip for glasses is to load each one individually with packaging paper before wrapping them.

Mistakes to Avoid

Moving may be a flurry. With much to keep care of, properly wrapping your stuff sometimes gets by the wayside. Whether you’re packing oneself or using a transport company, here are a few packing guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Group products that are similar together in a package.

2. Label all boxes by room and mark fragile items.

3. Take very good care not to overpack boxes.

4. Use fillers such as bubble wrap to prevent scratching or grinding.

These packing guidelines will ensure that all of your favourite products arrive safely. Because cardboard boxes are required for any relocation, why buy them singly when you can get the best quality in bulk? We provide specialized boxes for all of your relocation needs, which will keep your valuable possessions safe. Request a quotation today to get it all you need at one low price!