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Dubai Mover have its own fleet for transportation and our own storage space for phased implementation.

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We offer business storage solution for startups, house storage, mini-warehousing in Dubai at affordable packages.

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House Shifting required proper planning, management skills and Dubai Mover has all these qualities to serve you at Door step.

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We are the best packers and movers in Saadiyat Island, the most skilled, competent, cost-effective, and reliable. We utilize only the best packaging materials to skillfully and professionally to pack any household objects with safety. Each piece is disassembled, packed, and fixed by a team of highly competent staff. We have offered dependable moving services throughout the Emirates based on the quantity and calibre of the assets.

Moving your home from one place to another without expert aid is challenging. Moving furniture and appliances requires special tools and materials. the vehicles, equipment, and supplies like bubble wrap, stretch film, and cardboard boxes. We are the finest choice to handle all types of moving tasks for you because we have a knowledgeable staff that have been employed in the relocation sector for 10 years. You will be able to save 50% of your budget by hiring our crew. The supervisor will give you a price breakdown after checking all of your household goods.

After clearing several examinations given by international moving organizations, our company has been certified as a professional mover on Saadiyat island.

We who we are?

Since operating, we have been a reliable and experienced moving company serving the entire UAE. Our main objective is to improve and satisfy our clients through the way we work. Using superior packaging materials, covered, boxed trucks, and having 10 years of practical experience

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Moving firms in Saadiyat Island

There are several moving firms in the beautiful Emirate of Saadiyat Island in the United Arab Emirates, the most of them are unregistered. Choose a reliable and authorized moving company to transport your household goods.

Local and long-distance transfers, packing for freight and storage, furniture assembly, appliance installation, curtain tying, and other moving services are all available here.

We are the best packers and movers in Saadiyat island due to our affordable prices and effective relocation service.

All of the residential and commercial relocation services we provide are listed here. The following services are available while moving your residence or place of business.

Local moving

Local moving is the act of moving furniture and other household items inside the same Emirate. Every day, we carry out two to three local removals. Due to time-saving transportation, this form of relocation doesn’t take as long as a long-distance move.

All facets of local moving, including house, office, retail, and warehouse relocation, have been thoroughly trained on by our experts.

We are available 24/7 if you need urgent assistance. Within an hour of your call, our team can be at your place and ready to start the move. We can finish your assignment in 3 to 4 working hours.

A range of covered and open closed transit vehicles are available from us. These vans are used by us for local shifting. Our trucks have enough containers to make one trip carrying the contents of up to two bedrooms.

Long distance Moving services

We provide a range of interstate long-distance relocation services. Our personnel secures and safeguards your electronics and furniture throughout long-distance relocating. We pack all of your stuff carefully and fasten each piece to keep it safe.

The trucks’ containers are totally closed and we pack with the appropriate materials, making them perfect for all weather conditions, including wind, rain, and dust.

Anywhere around the country, you can request our services, and our team will travel to you at the appointed time.

We can transport all of your villa’s furnishings and other items at once because the organisation has many cars. Our firm profile on Saadiyat island rates us as five-star professional movers.

You can save time and money if you hire our company to handle your long-distance move.

Services for Cargo Packaging and Storage

It is challenging to pack for transportation and storage since this type of packing can only be done by a professional packers team.

We securely wrap your pricy possessions using top-notch materials to prevent damage if you ship them abroad or store them.

Storage packing and transit packing are identical because items need to be safeguarded from damage and kept for longer periods of time. We offer dependable packing services.

Activities Related to Movement

Activities refer to the steps packers and movers take to convey your possessions. Check out all of the moving services and activities that are available here, then get in touch with the company if you need anything.

Appliance and furniture disassembly

Appliances and furniture must be disassembled before being moved. You can move your items safely if you disassemble things the right way. The furniture cannot be transported out of your room, taken to the elevator, or altered in trucks while being loaded if it is not disassembled.

Any sort of office or home furniture can be disassembled and repaired here without any damage by our professional carpenters.

Our personnel will help you move “no issues” because we are skilled packers and movers in Saadiyat Island. Our carpentry team has the ability to disassemble any style of opulent, regal, or modern furniture.

Additionally, our staff disassembles drapes and home appliances like the dishwasher, cooktop, washer, and air conditioner.

Packing for materials and furnishings

Moving furniture from one place to another requires careful packaging to protect it from breakages and damage.

Our experienced and knowledgeable packing crew takes care of this duty on our behalf. The cost of packaging the furniture is already included in the quotation, so the client won’t be charged any additional expenses for packing.

Packing may be a really stressful chore, especially if you need to move soon and have a lot on your plate. The greatest movers can assist you in resolving and removing all of your worries as they help you relocate your items to your new address.

Because of this, the packers and movers in Saadiyat island promise that your belongings will be safe and arrive on time.

They can use any of our available materials to box up your furnishings. Additionally offered are a plastic bubble roll and a small bubble filled with air. This material is typically used to package fragile things like glasses, cups, and other items. You can also store your small products in carton boxes and secure them with packaging tapes.

We also have stretch film rolls, wooden crates, a box with hangers, harnesses, and ropes to assist you in moving your furniture. You shouldn’t worry about relocating because we have all the necessary equipment or supplies; instead, look for and hire moving services on Saadiyat island.

Moving and maintaining gadgets and furnishings

We transport with our own 4 tonne box-covered trucks. We will pick up all of your possessions after the packing and loading staff is finished. We’ll relocate your entire collection gently and safely.

Our skilled furniture carpenters will fix your furniture once it has reached at the new place. We are the best movers on the island of Saadiyat.

The team will unpack the appliances and furniture before placing them where you specify. Don’t worry if you just bought new furniture; our professionals can also fix it.

Our skilled carpenters will fix the furnishings in the kids’ rooms before going on to the bedrooms so that we don’t keep our customers waiting in their cars.

Unpacking clothing and utensils from boxes

We will unpack every box that our staff packed for you and place your cooking equipment, footwear, and apparel exactly where you want them. Make sure to double-check that all the supplies are available before the personnel enter your home. Because occasionally the clients could experience issues if something is lost or misplaced.

Due to the fact that we are seasoned packers and movers on Saadiyat island, we guarantee there will be no hassle. Additionally, we have female staff members on hand to help you with chores like decorating, item repair, and housecleaning.

Changing residences

If you have to move into an apartment on Saadiyat Island, the first thing you’ll consider is how you’re going to pack up all of the furnishings.

Because of this problem, they decide to engage movers in Saadiyat island to help and support you in transferring your belongings into your apartment.

Moving furniture requires a lot of effort, especially if you live on a high floor of an apartment and have a lot of packing to do. Hiring the top movers will be the solution. They can disassemble and repair it, and you may pack up all of your goods.

They will also be in charge of loading everything into the vehicle that was given by the moving and packing company you hired.

Villa relocation

If you intend to move your furniture out of your villa, you should look for a trustworthy business that specialises in packing and moving furniture. From packing up your belongings to loading the trucks and dumping them, everything should be done safely.

Your furniture, appliances, and other possessions must be transported in a secure manner. While relocating a villa might be challenging and demanding, Saadiyat island movers promise to provide the quickest and safest solution for you.

Office Relocation

Businesses find it difficult to relocate their offices, especially when they don’t know how to move their office supplies and their employees worry about having to adjust to a new setting.

Another reason professional packers and movers provide office relocation services on Saadiyat island is due of this. Since they will manage every stage of the relocation process for your workplace, they want to relieve you of all your worries.

No matter how big or little your office is, Saadiyat island’s movers and packers will help you equally and at a very reasonable fee.

Do you transport other home goods in addition to or instead of just furniture?

Our staff moves every piece of furniture, as well as appliances including a refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, air conditioner, range, kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, and drapes. Each item will be expertly packaged by our employees.

How much will your move cost?

The number of bedrooms and things will determine how much it will cost to move. However, the price may range from 500 to 1000 AED if you only have a living area and one bedroom, depending on the shipping and packaging quality.

Is the cost of the packaging supplies covered by the offer?

In our formal quotation, it is stated that the price of all the packing supplies is estimated based on the quantity of goods. Instead of giving you a separate quote for each service, like transportation, packing, and supplies, we will give you a comprehensive quote.

We are a professional moving company on Saadiyat Island, so please be aware that we have other duties planned, so please notify us at least eight hours in advance.