How Much Do Movers and Packers charge in Dubai?

If you’re going to transfer houses or offices in Dubai, you’re essentially left with two options; undertake the move yourself or engage the services of one of the various movers and packers present in the area. Struggling to decide between two options? Our comprehensive blog post on the subject is available here for your perusal.

You could be thinking of engaging movers and packers but wondering what it costs to employ one in Dubai. Before we address your burning queries, let’s talk about some key pointers.

Considerations When Hiring a Moving and Packing Service

In affordability is a key component of consideration while settling on an option, it’s equally necessary to look at the following factors:

Speed of Delivery

For smaller apartments or workplaces, some moving companies can finish the job in a single day. It’s in your best interest to go with a company that places a premium on speed if you’re in a hurry to complete your relocation.

Confidentiality Assured

The safe delivery of your belongings is something that many movers and packers will ensure. In the case of any damages, they also offer compensation. Pick a reputable company to trust with your valuables if you have a lot of them.
Packing, disassembling, reassembling, storing, loading, and unloading are just some of the extra services that most movers and packers offer.

To ensure you’re working with the best, though, it’s smart to check out reviews they may have garnered online. This may give you an idea of how they’ve performed in the past and how happy their clients have been.

How do you determine the cost of your quote?

Most professional moving companies will provide you a free estimate of their services. If your home or possessions are particularly large or many, the service provider may go to you at no cost to conduct a survey. Your estimate will primarily be influenced by the following:

How Far You’re Trying to Move

Within the city borders, you can anticipate a flat rate for your move. However, the quotation can be much more if you are moving to a location far beyond the city limits or if you plan to move between different emirates (cities).

No. of beds, or rooms

The quote’s final total will be largely dependent on the number of bedrooms you request. Having extra sleeping quarters means you have more stuff to pack and transport. In some circumstances, this will necessitate more personnel and transportation resources. Companies that help with moving and packing will take that into account when calculating your final bill.

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Prices for Dubai’s Packing and Moving Services

Now that we’ve gone over all the key points, let’s get into the specifics of how much you can expect to pay for moving services.

In the case of a one-room dwelling

A Studio Apartment is ideal for those who have little possessions and want to save money on moving. Prices range from AED 500 to AED 700, depending on the company.

Cost of a Studio or Smaller Move

The costs associated with moving out of a 1-bedroom apartment are higher than those associated with a studio. You should budget around AED 900–1300 for the same.

Two-Bedroom Apartment Moving Cost

Having extra people and trucks help move your possessions out of a two-bedroom apartment will increase the total cost of the move. Pricing for relocation help ranges from AED 1800 to AED 2300.

Apartments with three bedrooms and larger villas Moving Cost

Since moving a three-bedroom apartment or a large villa movers requires a lot of manpower, you should budget between AED 2,500.00 and AED 4,500.00.

A Guide to Reducing Relocation Expenses

De-cluttering is a great method to free up some cash in your budget. You could do this by giving away or disposing of old furniture and other items you no longer need. Minimizing the number of items you need to move nearly always saves money.

Being prepared is a must if you want to save money on moving expenses. Always get estimates from multiple moving and packing companies before making a final decision. There is a chance that you could locate a moving company that provides excellent service at reasonable rates.


Now you know the deal. A detailed guide on what you may anticipate to pay when you’re relocating to a new place in Dubai.
Remember that there are a number of variables that will affect the ultimate cost. It’s a smart idea to employ specialists to help you relocate, despite the fact that you might be tempted to do it on your own.
Remember to compare prices before committing to any one service provider; you might be amazed at how much money you can save.

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