Tips to moving safe in covid 19

Safety Guide for House Moving in Dubai During Covid 19 Pandemic

Tips For House Moving in Covid-19

The Covid-19 is a big disaster, unlike anything no one has ever seen before. In this pandemic, if you are thinking of a  house moving in Dubai. You have lots of questions in your mind. Does moving in covid-19 is safe? Does it costly, and Does moving companies are still operating?

Here you can solve your moving questions. In earlier April the rules of Dubai police were sticked the only way to leave homes when it’s necessary. Only one person from the family can go outside only for groceries, medical treatment, or any emergency. But you don’t have to worry about it because these limits have been calm, and now you can effortlessly move around.

Choose a Safe Home Moving Company in Dubai

If you want to hire movers, first make sure that they use complete covid-19 precisions. After the company agrees to move your items to a new home possibly have certified permits. Also, they follow the safety precautions guidelines. Like they will wear a mask, use gloves, and other caring gear while touching your furniture.

Some professional companies like  Dubai Movers provide safety care boxes. Inside the box, there are some glovers, hand soap, and hand sanitizer for their customers. Also, they are well trained and committed to following SOPs like:

  • Avoiding handshakes
  • Maintaining six feet distance during the move
  • Using Covid-19 protection uniform
  • Sanitize hand after touch shared surfaces
  • Team members always carry personal Covid-19 test reports
  • After complete relocation, they washing and sanitize hands again
Make Your Moving Safe in Covid-19

Seek for Virtual Survey Options

In this pandemic situation avoiding meetups is a safe option. But the question in your mind is how can you serve yourself without visiting? If you follow the virtual inspection option in the moving quote. The movers provide home remotely quote using video call. Most of our customers satisfied with a virtual survey they feel like a physical meeting with us.

Use of Precautions with Customers

You also need to follow basic precautions to protect yourself and your family. According to our company policy, only 1 person can interact with us on moving day. Doing this is the best and easy way to perform the rule of social distancing during the move. Their goal is to carefully complete your move and also protect his moving team. They always appreciate customers following the instructions of Covid-19 SOPs.

Complete Sanitize Your New House


Before moving in you have to deep clean your new home doing this the risk of a virus is decrease. It is easy to sanitize an empty house you can clean it well. After cleaning these safety measures can help you in-house moving in Dubai during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Clean Regular Use Surface

Remember to start cleaning your house from the most used surfaces. Like: washroom, door handles, basin, chair, sofa, and table.

Put Gloves in Hand While Cleaning

Always wear new glovers while start cleaning in other areas of your home. You have to dismantle your glovers after use, and it is risky to clean the surface without glovers.

Dry Hand After Cleaning

After complete, your home sanitizing don’t use a towel to wipe down your hands. Try to use tissue or paper towels because it is important to dismantle everything you touch during cleaning.

Cleaning and Sanitization with Professionals

If you have no time for cleaning your new house, the time saving option is to hire a professional cleaner for help. They are experts in cleaning and sanitizing house. Cover all corners of the house quickly and efficiently. The priorities of home cleaners, increasing day by day due to covid-19.

Completely Dispose of Materials After Move

After complete cleaning and sanitize your items. Make sure to waste all your materials used in packing. You might be disinfected but, it is risky to take those materials into your home. Don’t throw your packing material waste them according to recycling guidelines.


How Does Move During Covid-19 is Safe?

Many people postponed their house moving plans due to the covid-19 pandemic in Dubai UAE. But now they continue moving and searching those movers and packers. Who are reliable, safer, and affordable for their move. The question in everyone’s mind is it safe to move during pandemics?

Every one scare to go outside and they want safe and secure moving services. The professional relocation companies start the use of safety precautions after saw the demand of the situation. If your movers and packers. Follow these safety precautions in this deadly situation your move is safe during covid-19.

  • Use of masks every time
  • Wear gloves
  • Keep their hand sanitize
  • Sanitize your items before the pack
  • Their packing materials must be new (Mostly moving boxes)
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Use of online payments

Can I Move with My Family During Covid-19?

Covid-19 is spread speedily during this situation. Moving anywhere with your family is risky if you think following safety precautions is safe. Sometimes you touch the infected surface and can’t remember. Moving during this pandemic is not safe. It’s better to stay home stay safe.

What is the Best Safety Tip to Move During Corona Pandemic?

As everyone knows about this corona pandemic, stop businesses and regular activities. Some moving companies are still open to serve you hassle-free, safe services. Most people scare to move during this pandemic. This virus impacts people’s lives, and it’s not easy for them to make a moving decision. If you follow SOPs during the move, it can make your move easy and safe.

Which Types of Mistakes Your Need to Avoid in Moving During Covid Pandemic?

It is important to hire professional movers and packers in this dangerous situation. Suppose you are hesitant to visit the mover’s office. Check their only website presence or ask them for a virtual meeting.

  • Always use new and clean packing items. Like; boxes, plastic bags, plastic sheets, etc. Suppose you want to protect yourself from being infected with the coronavirus. You have to dismantle your material after use, such as masks, gloves, pieces of cloths for dusting, etc.
  • Remember to follow the social distance according to their guidelines during the move. It may protect you and your family members from coronavirus. If you are hiring a relocation company, ask them to avoid physical surveys and use virtual surveys.
  • Always use masks, glovers, and complete precautions. It’s protection from the virus. The biggest most people do is not to use masks and gloves. It increases the chance of spreading covid-19.
  • After complete, your move first washes your clothes. Dismantle the mask and glovers. Proper sanitize yourself and avoid touching anything that is un-sanitize.